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Transformational Chairwork - Using Psychotherapeutic Dialogues in Clinical Practice

Kursnummer: 19/20 AK-01

mit Scott Kellogg



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Transformational Chairwork is centered on the belief that it is healing and transformative for people to: (1) give voice to their inner parts, modes, selves, or voices; and (2) enact or re-enact scenes from the past, the present, or the future.


It is also built on the discovery that there are four dialogue structures at the heart of the psychotherapeutic endeavor.  Known as Giving Voice, Telling the Story, Internal Dialogues, and Relationships and Encounters, these dialogical forms can serve as the foundation for virtually all forms of therapeutic work.


The Transformational Chairwork Training is designed to introduce therapists to the practice of Chairwork, in an active, creative, and clinically-useful manner using clinical story-telling, role-plays, and live demonstrations.


Workshop Topics Include:


  1. Resolving Inner Conflict and Making Decisions;
  2. Healing from Grief and Loss;
  3. The Four Dialogues - An Introduction;
  4. Voice Dialogue - Working with Parts.
  5. Coping with Difficult Relationships
  6. Engaging the Inner Critic/ Challenging Self-Hatred
  7. Developing the Capacity for Self-Compassion.


Transformational Chairwork trainings are powerful and intense.  Participants are encouraged to be responsible for their own mental health and to take breaks and/or decline to participate in any work that they do not wish to engage in.  There is a debriefing period after each of the clinical practices.




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