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* online Workshop * Schema Therapy for Working with Complexity and Comorbidity in Eating Disorders

Kursnummer: 20/21 AK 06


There are no special requirements for participation in the workshop. However, it would be ideal if the participants have attended a preparative/introductory workshop on schema therapy. There will be a pre-recorded online introduction to the theory.


Workshop abstract

The workshop will provide therapists with an opportunity to learn powerful techniques for working with people with eating disorders including those with high complexity and comorbidity (e.g. OCD, rigid personality traits, PTSD). Anyone interested in knowing how to implement schema therapy using mode work, would benefit from this workshop. This advanced therapy workshop aims will train participants in implementing techniques for working with entrenched early maladaptive schemas (including core beliefs) with individuals with eating disorders and comorbidity. You will also have an opportunity to learn some ways of adapting schema therapy for eating disorders in a group context. The workshop will provide participants with practical experience and guidance in the use of imagery, chair work and other techniques for change. Videos and live demonstrations will be used to illustrate experiential change techniques. Training will specifically include working with vulnerable [child] modes, limited reparenting skills, bypassing avoidant or overcompensatory coping modes, and fighting punitive (self-critical) or guilt inducing thinking patterns that drive eating disorder behaviours. Participants will receive handouts that they can use in their clinical work.



This workshop will provide:

  • A description of key features of the Schema Therapy Model as applied to the eating disorder population
  • A summary of preliminary evidence for the Schema Therapy model with eating disorders
  • An introduction to recognising and working with new mode sub-types, which are common in those with eating disorders and a range of other complex psychological disorders:
    • Overcontroller Mode: (1) Perfectionistic; (2) Flagellating; (3) Invincible; (4) Suspicious
    • Helpless Surrenderer Mode
  • Strategies for change, with an emphasis on deeper level change with core beliefs/schemas
  • An opportunity to watch & practice powerful methods of addressing powerful Inner-critic and coping mechanisms associated with eating disorders.
  • Case study examples to enable participants to consider how they could apply schema change techniques with complex eating disorder clients.
  • Opportunities to reflect on how you could apply schema change techniques with your own complex eating disorder clients.
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