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Dramatherapy & Schematherapy, so happy together !

Kursnummer: 22/23 AK-04

with Elsa van den Broek

Unterrichtssprache/ Language 

Englisch. Rollenspiele in Kleingruppen dürfen auf Deutsch geübt werden. /
English. Role plays in small groups may be practiced in German.


Zielgruppe/ Target audience

Dieser Workshop richtet sich an alle therapeutischen Berufsgruppen und damit sowohl an Co-Therapeuten (Pflegefachpersonen, Kunsttherapeuten, Ergotherapeuten, Musiktherapeuten, Bewegungstherapeuten, Sozialarbeiter bzw. Sozialpädagogen, MPAs) als auch an PsychotherapeutInnen (psychologisch und ärztlich). /


This workshop is for all therapeutic professions that means co-therapists (nurses, art therapists, occupational therapists, music therapists, movement therapists, social workers or social pedagogues, MPAs) as well as psychotherapists (psychological and medical).



Voraussetzungen/ Requirements

Der Besuch einer Veranstaltung "Einführung in die Schematherapie" ist erwünscht./ Attendance at an "Introduction to Schema Therapy" course is recommended.


Zusammenfassung/ Summary

Day 1: Dramatherapy and the basics of mode work in Dramatherapy. 

  • What is Dramatherapy?
  • Why are Dramatherapy & Schematherapy so happy together?
  • Roles and modes – what is the difference?
  • Mode work in Dramatherapy (lively demonstrations and exercises for participants)
  • How can we make ‘classic’ Schematherapy more creative and dynamic?
  • Working with mode cards, toys, objects, puppets etc etc

Day 2: Drama/Schematherapy: a deeper look at the therapeutic essence of the work

Play and ‘as if’-situations have a strong emotional impact on clients – much more than words do. Day 2 will go more into the more (psycho)drama therapeutic way of working with schemas/modes and will focus on rescripting through creative play. 

We will also look at how to work with particularly ‘hard to reach’ clients – e.g. unmotivated, suffering from personality disorders or addiction, with strong detached protector modes.

Participants are invited to bring case material to the workshop (meaning, you know your clients’ schemas and modes well and are able to play the client in exercises)


Literatur/ Literature

  • Broek van den, E., Keulen-de Vos, M., Bernstein, D.P. (2011). Arts Therapies and Schema Focussed Therapy: A pilot study. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 38, 325-332. 


Unterrichtseinheiten (UE) /Units



Gratis für Ukrainer/ Free for Ukrainians

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