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Body-focused interventions for trauma in Schematherapy

Kursnummer: 23/24 AK 03

with Janis Briedis

Unterrichtssprache/ Language 

Englisch. Rollenspiele in Kleingruppen dürfen auf Deutsch geübt werden. /
English. Role plays in small groups may be practiced in German.


Zielgruppe/ Target audience

Dieser Workshop richtet sich an alle therapeutischen Berufsgruppen und damit sowohl an Co-Therapeuten (Pflegefachpersonen, Kunsttherapeuten, Ergotherapeuten, Musiktherapeuten, Bewegungstherapeuten, Sozialarbeiter bzw. Sozialpädagogen, MPAs) als auch an PsychotherapeutInnen (psychologisch und ärztlich). /

This workshop is for all therapeutic professions that means co-therapists (nurses, art therapists, occupational therapists, music therapists, movement therapists, social workers or social pedagogues, MPAs) as well as psychotherapists (psychological and medical).


Voraussetzungen/ Requirements

Der Besuch einer Veranstaltung "Einführung in die Schematherapie" ist erwünscht./ Attendance at an "Introduction to Schema Therapy" course is recommended.


Zusammenfassung/ Summary

This workshop presents the theory and experiential approach to integrating body-focused techniques to enhance schema therapy practice in a time-limited manner. These strategies are particularly useful for clients who present with complex needs and have histories of severe childhood neglect or trauma, and who have difficulties engaging with traditional schema therapy techniques.
This highly interactive and experiential workshop is designed for psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. Attendees should have an understanding of schema therapy model who wish to expand their repertoire for working with trauma and the body by incorporating simple but powerful somatically-focused interventions.


Topics covered at the workshop

Day 1:

  • Understanding the role of the body in trauma – the neurobiology underpinning complex trauma and fragmentation of self
  • Barriers to working with the body both for the client and the therapist and how to overcome them 
  • Tracking the body to identify schemas and mode shifts
  • Understanding the principles of working safely - helping clients stay within their Window of Tolerance while processing traumatic material
  • Healing traumatic reactions, including freeze and submit states, with body-oriented affect regulation resources and working with intense affect, including anger, grief, terror

Day 2:

  • Working on the therapist’s own body awareness to enhance self-regulation and to facilitate higher levels of attunement with and co-regulation of the clients in the therapeutic space
  • Utilizing body techniques in the work with dissociation
  • Work with anger in the body
  • Enhancing imagery and chair techniques with somatic focus
  • Somatic interventions for boundary setting and strengthening of a sense of self
  • Facilitating development of an embodied healthy adult mode both for clients and therapists


Literatur/ Literature

  • Briedis, J., & Startup, H. (2020). Somatic perspective in Schema Therapy: The role of the body in the awareness and transformation of modes and schemas. In Creative methods in schema therapy (pp. 60-75). Routledge.


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